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Six Easy Ways to Up Cycle Your Skincare Containers

At Ativo Skincare, the use of environmentally-friendly packaging and containers has always been of utmost importance. We know our customers are conscious consumers — and we've been inspired by the creative way customers not only recycle but up cycle their Ativo containers. We’ve tried them out and have shared some of them here.

Make handcrafted candles

Making candles might seem a bit daunting, but it’s a lot of fun and a fantastic way to upcycle your glass Ativo jars. (Or any jars that you’d like to repurpose.) We’ve shared a DIY candle how-to here

Propagate some plants

The world needs more plants! If you’ve got a plant or two in need of some pruning, this is a great way to both make use of your containers and share the plant love.


  • Choose a plant with lots of growth, and cut just beneath the node (where the stem meets the leaf).
  • Add water to a clean Ativo container and place the cutting in the container.
  • Place your plantling(s) somewhere with good natural light.
  • Make sure to check on your cutting(s) every few days and add fresh water weekly.
  • When your cutting has sprouted 2~ roots, it’s ready to be transferred to soil for planting!

Store healthy snacks for on-the-go

Fill your clean Ativo containers with fresh berries, nuts, dressings, sliced veggies, or dips. Our scrub containers are especially good for this.

Create a custom room spray

Our toner spray bottles make for excellent room or mood spray vessels! 

  • Soak your spray bottles to help remove the labels.
  • Pump water through the spray nozzle to clear out any remaining toner.
  • Using distilled water or boiled water cooled to room temperature, fill your bottle.
  • Add 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil, or a mix of oil scents. 
  • Add the nozzle, shake to blend. 
  • Spray away!

Create tea light votives

Tea lights make for great ambiance. Zen, romantic, cozy — whatever you like. Elevate your tea light experience with votives created from your upcycled Ativo jars. It’s super simple and a total money-saver:

  • Soak your Ativo glass jars in warm soapy water to help remove labels; leave clean jars to dry.
  • Place a tealight candle on the bottom of each jar, light them up and enjoy all the cozy vibes.

Store odds and ends

Upcycling your Ativo containers is a great way to store odds and ends around the house. Anything from spices, sprinkles, cotton-tips, paper clips, buttons, bobby pins. Just clean your jars and fill away.

As you can see, your Ativo containers are perfect to upcycle and reuse. Feel free to be creative and have fun!

Do you upcycle your skincare containers? We'd love to know. Share in the comments below!

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