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Radiant Summer Skin: How To Get It And Keep It

Get ready for summer selfies — radiant, healthy skin is just a few steps away! One of the questions we get asked on a regular basis is how to achieve that healthy, happy, glowing skin. Everyone is after that youthful glow, it can be achieved by anyone! So we've compiled some recommendations that can work for all skin types. (To keep things simple, they are in the order of the steps of our tried-and-true skincare ritual.)

Get radiant summer skin with Ativo Skincare

Wash your face on a daily basis.

There's a reason why it's said to never, ever go to bed with makeup on. Skipping this essential step can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and dull-looking skin. Not only is washing your face important, but it's also key to have a cleanser that won't strip away moisture from your skin. Our Cleansing Foam Facial Wash was developed to work for all skin types — even the most sensitive — and has the added bonus of helping support collagen production. (It's a best-seller and we're always on our toes to keep it in stock!) The important thing is to find a gentle cleanser that works for you and to be consistent with daily cleansing.

Tone, tone, tone!

Toning immediately after cleansing your face is an essential step to replenish moisture back into your skin. This step helps to achieve radiant summer skin by plumping the skin after gentle cleansing. Our toners provide options suitable for various skin types: the classic Hydrate Rose Facial Toner with hydration-boosting ingredients like aloe vera and orange; and the all-star Vital-C Watermelon Toner, with the anti-inflammatory and smoothing properties of Vitamin C.

Repair your skin's moisture barrier.

If your skin’s moisture barrier is damaged, skin looks dull, tired, and stressed. The moisture barrier for all skin types requires ample hydration. Our 3D Dew Drops Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a great and effective way to keep that barrier replenished and happy. Hyaluronic acid helps diminish fine lines and supports moisture retention to keep the barrier happy. 

The magic of serum.

Serums are powerful tools in your skincare arsenal. They work to provide a base for your moisturizer so that your skin looks amazing. The Vital-C 20 Vitamin C Serum is a great example of this with carefully selected antioxidant ingredients. Antioxidants protect from environmental damage (like UV-rays), which allow this serum to improve your skin's texture and look brighter.

Vitamin C moisturizer for the win.

We've talked about Vitamin C a bit in this post, and that's because it's an amazing ingredient for skincare. This powerhouse targets multiple skin concerns, including signs of aging, dullness, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. We created the Vital-C Vitamin C Cream to repair stressed skin. It's a hardworking cream, perfect to use before bed as a topical moisture and collagen booster.

And always remember:

  • Wear your SPF
  • Make good use of that sun hat
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat nourishing foods

Traditionally, we might think of summer skin as "tanned". But here at Ativo Skincare, summer skin is all about a radiant glow. Share your radiant summer skin with us on Instagram by tagging us @ativoskincare!

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