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Panthenol, a must for plump and hydrated skin.

What is Panthenol?

Panthenol AKA ProVitamin B5 is a hero ingredient and one that is used in many haircare products, but did you know it's a must for skincare. So how would we define this powerhouse vitamin?

Panthenol is a humectant. Humectants are known for their ability to retain moisture deep within the skin.

It's ALSO an emollient. You see vitamin b5 plays two roles in skincare. Helps the skin retain it's moisture and it also softens the skin.

Dry flakey skin can be irritated and feel rough but vitamin b5 softens the skin, attracts water and locks it in. Genius really!


Let's talk about the panthenol benefits.

First and foremost, ALL skin types can benefit from panthenol or ProVitamin B5. Yes even oily skin types need maximum hydration. Sensitive skin, yes please!

It's a skin quencher!

Panthenol has so many benefits when it comes to its ability to moisturize the skin. When panthenol hits the skin, it is converted to vitamin b5. It can then pull moisture from deep within the dermis up to the epidermis filling in the gaps where hydration lacks. Your skin cells become hydrated again, (think of a raisin or a prune being rehydrated here!)

This plumps the skin, evens out skin tone and prevents trans epidermal water loss or (TEWL) and, is why your skin can appear more youthful. ProVitamin B5 helps to improve skin texture, and skin barrier resulting in fewer breakouts from dehydrated skin.


Skin Barrier needs help? Panthenol can help.

Is your skin feeling like you've over done it or just feels completely irritated? You may have damaged your microbiome and need some help. Signs of a damaged skin barrier are:

  • Red irritated dry patches
  • Sun damage/burns
  • Flakey and dry from retinol overuse
  • too much micro needling
  • Itchiness

A damaged skin barrier can also result in uneven skin tone, uneven skin texture, acne scars and dry skin. So what can you do to help that damaged barrier and ensure this hero ingredient is in your skincare routine?

We recommend ditching irritating ingredients like harsh exfoliators, glycolic acids, and retinols for a few weeks to aid in healing.

Stick to the hyaluronic acid packed with panthenol as a skin barrier repair method. It can help plump those skin cells and soothe that irritation and work to strengthen the barrier again. Our 3D Dew Drops uses 3% Panthenol to aid in healing!! That's mega hydration right there.


Panthenol as an anti inflammatory ingredient?

Panthenol to the rescue. Panthenol is effective for calming the skin, regardless of the cause of irritation. It is suitable for all skin types and helps to strengthen the skin's barrier, making it especially useful for those with a damaged skin barrier or who are prone to redness, itchiness, or sensitivity. It is also a good choice for mature skin that is likely to be dry.

What skin types will benefit from Panthenol?

All skin types can benefit from panthenol and is one of the rare actives that does not cause irritation from using in combination with others.

  • Feeling dry? It can hydrate.
  • Feeling oily? It can regulate sebum.
  • Feeling itchy? It can calm and soothe.
  • Feeling burnt? It can help cool.

Yes every single skin type can benefit from panthenol!


Panthenol, can you use it with other ingredients?

Yes!! Panthenol plays well in the sandbox with other ingredients. It's a super hydrator and is often recommended by board certified dermatologists as a way to calm the skin.


What Ativo Skincare products contain panthenol?

We're so glad you asked!! Click here and we've done the magic work for you!

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