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Maskne: The New Acne and How to Prevent it


Maskne is the new acne term of 2020. Consider the type of mask you use.  If using a cotton-based mask, ensure to wash after each use to avoid bacteria build-up.

Replace your mask 3-4 times a day. Masks should be changed when feeling damp from moisture caused by sweat or breathing. Wiping your face between mask changes also helps in keeping skin healthy. Remember not to re-wear disposable masks.

Breakup with your makeup... for now. Allowing your skin to be natural and breathe, is the best defence. If wearing makeup for Zoom meetings, ensure to cleanse face after.

What type of mask to wear to prevent maskne 

We recommend purchasing options made from non-irritant knit fabrics like silk, bamboo and linen — all of which have anti-bacterial properties. Our friends at Fox + Wit have some excellent options here and we also love these Kurio silk masks. For bamboo options, Kasi Bamboo has extensive colour options for their soft masks.  





Maskne The New Acne

If you do end up experiencing maskne, there are a few things you can try to remedy this unwelcome skin 


1. Cleansing your skin twice per day is essential to keeping acne bacteria at bay. Additionally using the 

double cleanse method up's the anti in maskne prevention and treatment. Using this method as part of an evening cleansing routine, allows the skin to heal overnight. We recommend using our gentle yet very effective Cleansing Foam, paired with our Pura or Amor Cleansing oil.

2. Moisturizing is your friend! This essential step helps to protect the skin from drying out. If your face is feeling tight after wearing your mask, it is sign that you need to ensure your skin well-moisturized.  Our skincare expert recommends using our Restore, Balance or Vital-C Cream to suit your moisturization needs.


Maskne The New Acne

3. To treat acne caused by masks, consider using our Glacial Mud Mask. Our Glacial Mud Mask is the ultimate cleansing mask. It works by releasing toxins from troubled skin. Additionally it works to refine pores, leaving skin smooth and refreshed. Made from Canadian glacial waters, its a must have for keeping blemishes and breakouts at bay.

4. Finishing your cleansing routine by adding in our Glacial Gel Mask for an additional boost of hydration, will keep skin supple and plump. Remember, well moisturized and hydrated skin is important even when experiencing maskne.



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