Vital C 20 Vitamin C Serum

Brightening Vitamin C Serum

Our advanced 20% Vitamin C Serum contains a potent blend of Vitamin C 20%, Vitamin E 1% and Ferulic Acid 1%. It is a powerful antioxidant serum that can brighten the skin, fade sun and age spots, reduces signs of hyperpigmentation and fine lines while providing a radiantly dewy hydrated complexion. Powered by plant stem cell technology our vitamin c serum is a potent free radical avenger. We've combined with the power of plant stem cells to brighten skin, build collagen, and even out skin tone. 

Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, Sensitive,

Brightens skin tone Fades age and sunspots along with hyperpigmentation 

Improves texture and firmness

Boosts collagen production

Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Minimizes the appearance of pores

Hydrates and helps strengthen the skin’s barrier

Acts as a natural lubricant that assists in collagen production

Liquid serum

Step 3 to be applied after your toner.

Apply 5 to 7 drops into the palm of your hand and massage evenly to face and neck until absorbed by the skin. Use daily in the am or pm on cleansed skin before your moisturizer.

Do not layer with Retinol products. If you use retinol, use Vitamin C in the am and retinol in the PM. 

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Use in conjunction with…

Step One: Oil Cleanse

When To Use a Cleansing Oil

1x Daily

Apply 2-3 pumps to dry skin, massaging in circular motions. Rinse off thoroughly and pat face dry.

Step two: Cleanse

When To Use Soothing Cream Cleanser

2x Daily

Apply a small dime size amount to wet skin and gently massage. Rinse with lukwarm water and pat dry.

Step Three: Tone

When To Use a Exfoliating Rose Toner

2x Daily

Sprits all over the face using a pad or directly onto the skin and follow with serum.

Step Four: Serum

When To Use a Serum

2x Daily

Apply 1-2 pumps to damp skin. Apply all over face, neck and chest.

Step Five: Cream

When To Use a Face Cream

2x Daily

Apply to clean damp face, neck and décolletage.