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Premium Biodegradable Towels


Boxes: One Box

By using our disposable and 100% biodegradable towels, your skin will never be exposed to bacteria or odour and germs again from reusing, traditional face towels.

Ativo towels gently exfoliate your skin, washes away dirt, oil and makeup with your favourite face cleanser. These towels are recommended as a one-time use only.

Our towels are ultra soft, vegan, hypo allergenic and super absorbent. 


Safe for all skin types

Why select our eco-friendly towels?

Gently removes make up including eye makeup and lip products. Can be used dry or wet as an alternative to traditional face cloths and reduces bacteria transfer from cloths to the skin. Gentle enough to use on a baby's or child's skin.

50 Towels / Box 11.75 x 9.75 in

Supersoft quilted texture


Multiple ways to use:

After cleansing face, use a towel to pat face dry.

Wet gently and wash your skin using your favourite facial cleanser.

Wet and use with the cleanser for gentle exfoliation.

Pair with your favourite make up remover to gently remove make up. 

50 Towels / Box 11.75 x 9.75 in

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