About Ativo

What began as a way to heal acne with natural skincare, became a thriving business which now ships world wide. Jayda our co-founder, needed a way to heal her teenage acne and that's when our love of natural beauty began. 2013 was the beginning of it all. 

At just 11 years old she began to develop a severe case of cystic acne that was seemingly difficult to control. In 2013, Jayda was introduced to a sweet lady who offered some advice about using natural and organic beauty products and suggested that she could see some relief. 

At 13 Jayda formulated her first product for her acne. After many months of research, she created a detox soap that not only gave her some relief but almost healed her acne completely. Within weeks her breakouts were calming down and the pain started to diminish. Although it helped immensely, It wasn’t enough. On the advice of her dermatologist she began a prescription medication for 6 weeks. He was so impressed at the rate she healed he was convinced she would need another round of antibiotics. The results have been unbelievable. Using natural products has taken away the need for additional medications. Combined with a healthy diet her skin has never been better. 

At Ativo Skincare we believe that holistic whole organic ingredients are what’s needed for our bodies to be their best. Ativo will only source and use the highest grade functional natural beauty ingredients available. 

We are a natural based, cruelty-free product, therefore you will not find in our products the following.



*Sodium Laurel Sulfates

*Propylene Glycol