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Reminiscent of the same soothing formulations of your childhood, but better! With a nourishing blend of colloidal oatmeal and ultra-hydrating coconut milk, our bath soaks are the missing link for your indulgent at-home spa experience.

But more than just a treat for the senses, our bath soaks were specifically designed with dry and irritated skin in mind. Perfect for those that struggle with allergies, and even gentle enough for baby's skin.

Spring essentials look a little different in 2021. Ativo Skincare shares favourites of what every woman needs to feel fab as the flowers begin to bloom.

Dehydrated skin lacks water. The surface cells are deflated and no longer plump, perhaps giving your skin a dull, tired look. Your skin doesn’t seem flaky but just lacks luster. Dehydrated skin can be experienced by all skin types — including oily skin.

There are times when skin's oiliness is exacerbated by dehydration, so oil glands will over-produce. This is your skin's way to ensure hydration, but it can cause breakouts. (And no one wants that.)

Everyone has a unique skin profile. What works for your mom, sister or daughter won’t necessarily work for you — even though you may share the same genes. This is why your skincare ritual is so important. It’s uniquely you and it only takes four steps.  

Here’s the thing: your skincare ritual doesn’t need to be complicated for you to see desired results. It needs to be consistent. Every morning and evening, you only need five minutes and your skin will love you for the small block of time you take to show your skin some love.