Seasonal Changes and Itchy Scalps! What to do?

Why is my scalp so itchy?

Seasonal changes can effect your entire body, including your hair and scalp. Especially during the winter months. If you notice that your scalp begins to feel dry or itchy in cold weather, you’re not alone. Wind, snow, and even the frequent use of head wear can lead to discomfort or damage to your hair and cause extreme itchiness.

Thankfully, during seasonal scalp changes there are ways to combat your dry itchy scalp especially in winter.

Dry Hair and Itchy Scalp

According to WebMD, seasonal weather changes can have play a role in scalp health. Dry cold weather in the winter can cause white flakes on the skin due to a drying effect. it causes itching and an unattractive powder on clothing.

Dandruff and an inflammatory skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis are the most common causes of itchy scalp. Seborrheic dermatitis can be the result of stress, seasonal changes, fluctuating hormones, or an overgrowth of yeast on the skin.

To combat dry scalp symptoms due to cold weather, limit your time in the most frigid conditions. Our shampoos and conditioners help to retain and return as much moisture back to the skin and to your hair as needed.

Seasonal Hair Loss

Hair loss daily is normal, no matter the time of year. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) 100 hairs per day is normal to lose from everyday brushing and washing. Seasonally however you may notice a little more than usual.

This is known as seasonal hair loss. Researchers believe, hair is sheds after a hot summer to help to protect you from dangerous UV rays. Hair is also believed to be a thicker texture in the winter time.

There isn't much you can do to prevent seasonal weather changes but there are some things you can do to help with the effects of seasonal hair loss. Using a boar bristle brush while using gentle strokes, massaging the scalp while washing the hair to stimulate blood flow, adjusting hair styles to keep hair from tight elastic bands. You can also use hair products that encourage healthy scalp.  

Lack of Moisture on Scalp

Moisture and the lack of conditioner on the scalp is a common problem for many. It can leave hair looking dull. Shiny lustrous hair during the summer months may begin to dull and lose its vibrance. Dry hotter air can make the scalp prone to dryness without the extra conditioner that some products provide.

Hair dryers and styling tools can often exacerbate these issues. Try getting a hair cut to minimize split ends that contribute to hair looking frizzy.

Protecting Your Hair and Scalp During Winter

These are just a few of the most common causes of dry itchy scalp during the winter. In addition to avoiding extreme weather conditions and adjusting your daily styling routine, we also invite you to take advantage of the power of Ativo's hair care products.

Ativo uses natural and organic ingredients with the powerful blend of botanical extracts moisturize, cleanse, and exfoliate your hair and scalp for overall scalp health. Our products are rich in proteins, vitamins and stimulate the scalp to promote healthy hair and scalp. 

Know the Importance of Conditioners

Did you know most hair dressers tell you to avoid adding conditioner to your scalp? Most people do know know that conditioner is the back bone of scalp health. Conditioner used in our hair care routines helps strengthen the hair and keep it hydrated and moisturized. 

Adding conditioner after shampoo adds moisture and helps in prevent breakage, tangling and makes it soft and smooth. Massaging the conditioner into the scalp ensures moisture is added back to the scalp and softens any dry skin for easy removal.

Every time we apply conditioner to the hair the conditioning agents nourish the hair strands and protects them from drying. Combing the hair is easy which causes less breakage. Just like shampoos, conditioners are dependent on the hair type. 

Check out our line of SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONERS for a healthy hydrated scalp.

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