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The Double Cleanse Method: the skincare game changer

The Double Cleanse Method: the skincare game changer

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Heard of The Double Cleanse Method? We are giving you a little insight into how it works, why you should jump on the infamous bandwagon, and maybe, just maybe you'll ask yourself why you didn't do it sooner. Let's dive in!

The double cleanse was first made popular with Korean beauty. The idea behind the method is to clean away the day's impurities that collection with air pollution, bacteria and other harmful pollutants that can congest the skin and cause acne, blackheads, inflammation and a host of other things can that over time cause dull tired-looking skin.

You’ve heard the saying water and oil don’t mix, well that’s true in skincare cleansing. First oil cleansers are an incredible way of removing waterproof makeup. (Unless you have fake lashes)

Oil can attract other oils by clinging together trapping those pollutants together and washing them away. Excess sebum loves to hang onto oil so when we trap that with the cleansing oil made for your skin type, magic happens. Wiping away that oil now means you can cleanse with your water-based cleanser as our cleansing foaming to wash the skin further deep into the pores removing the pollutants.

Double cleansing means everything that is harmful can be washed away. Skincare can penetrate a little deeper into the top layers of the skin making the most of your investment and ensuring you get 100% of the befits from your cleanse.

Double cleansing is a preferred method of cleansing the skin entirely. You just need to pick the right cleanser for your type of skin.

We recommend Amor first - Cleansing foam second for dry skin, or for oily skin choose Pura first - cleansing foam second or the black magic bar second.



Amor Cleansing Oil

STEP ONE  Amor is the perfect blend of oils to complement dry skin. With a unique ability to cleanse and hydrate at the same time, this blend of citrus-scented oils will leave your parched canvas feeling alive and bright. Alkanet root calms redness and can reduce heat-inducing rosacea symptoms by pulling heat directly out of the skin. For best results, use three pumps and massage onto dry skin in an upward circular motion. Rinse with warm tepid water using a soft microfibre cloth.


STEP TWO Cleansing facial foam is a water-based cleanser that can deeply penetrate the pores to remove toxins and pollutants that build up over time. It has a gentle scrub that is most beneficial for those of us with conditions like rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and a host of others. This cleanser will not irritate even sensitivities. For best results, use a dime-size amount in the palm of the hand, add a drop of water or to for a foaming consistency. Repeat in the same upward circular motions as you did with the Amor cleanser. Again, rinse with warm tepid water to cleanse away all the dirt and impurities. you will notice how much softer your skin is with using the double cleanse method.




STEP ONE  Pura is a unique blend of oils used to treat oily skin, reduce the appearance of acne scarring,calm inflammation and pull toxins causing dull, inflamed skin. Tamanu oil gives this oil it’s rich deep green hue and earthy smell with listea and jasmine to enhance the aroma like nothing else you’ve come across. For best results, use three pumps and massage onto dry skin in an upward circular motion. When this oil comes into contact with water a gel-like consistency is reached. Simply rinse with warm tepid water using a soft microfibre cloth.